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January 21, 2014

Elsa, Queen of Arrendelle from Disney's Frozen

Elsa, Queen of Arrendelle

Disney's Frozen

Photographer: Csaba Varga

Elsa was an interesting choice for me. At first I chose Anna, but then I realised that Elsa would be a more interesting project for a Christmas Convention, and hey, I'm tall, I have very white skin and blond hair! And I'm really happy I did it. When I watched the movie, I was afraid that I won't like her, but 'Let it go' amazed me like everyone else, and now I know that I would have been really sorry if I'd missed the opportunity to be the first Elsa-cosplayer in Hungary! :)

The interesting part of the cosplay is that I didn't wear a wig. I have very long hair, and it's really uncomfortable to wear a wig so I decided that I'll try this hairstyle out, and in the end, I liked it :) (That's why it's a bit more blond than Elsa's original hair)

The biggest difficulty was that the movie didn't even came out when I started (and finished!) my costume, so I used the trailers and some official screenshots to create the outfit, and you can imagine how excited I was on the premier night in the movietheatre watching what did I do wrong - but luckily I had enough information ;)

I was wearing it to the Hungarian Christmas Convention in Dec 2013, and it was so much fun! So many girls recognised me, although it came out in the movies only a week before in Hungary. It was my first time to take part in a cosplay contest alone, so I was really afraid, but really surprised as well, because I won the "Best Costume" title! *_* I'm so honored! One of the prizes was this photoshoot, and I'm amazed at the quality of the photos, the photographer did an incredible job!

Cosplayer: Elyon

Elsa, Queen of Arrendelle from Disney's Frozen
Elsa, Queen of Arrendelle from Disney's Frozen
Elsa, Queen of Arrendelle from Disney's Frozen
Elsa, Queen of Arrendelle from Disney's Frozen

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