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November 27, 2014

Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon

Queen Serenity

Sailor Moon

Photographer: Daria Maryenko

Queen Serenity - this is my first cosplay. Since childhood, I loved the anime Sailor Moon and wanted to try on the image of one of the characters.

Although the idea of doing it was quite spontaneous and unexpected for me the most (as a child always wanted to be a Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter, and not when Selena and thought I do not have!), This image is very fond to me and became very dear to the heart.

Serenity is very beautiful, strong, stately woman! She is a real queen! But at the same time she is very gentle, caring and loving mother. The first time cosplay came out less than ideal. But over time, come and experience the image of Selena began to look much better.

Once I learned that we have a studio in the city, where there is background on which is printed the Moon. And to the great joy, a great photographer Daria has agreed to work with me! So together we have implemented this fairy tale. A dream come true!

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Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon
Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon
Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon
Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon
Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon

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