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February 28, 2015

Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan

Jane Porter

Disney's Tarzan

Photographer: Michele Albrigo

Jane always remains at the top of my favorite Disney characters, so much so that I felt compelled to bring back this cosplay, obviously improved and enriched in the details that I wasn't able to fix because of the rush, the first time that I had worn it.

What I really wanted, though, was to make a set that reflects as closely as possible to the magic of the film, following the sweet and hilarious scene of the first meeting in the jungle between Tarzan and Jane.

This possibility presented itself thanks to Dave, a cosplayer who was more than suited to play the Lord of the jungle, and Michele, who enjoyed taking the shots we were looking for, letting us climb among the branches of the trees. (and with heels!!)

The Costume

I haven't changed a lot compared to the first version, nothing that we can see with the naked eye, at least!

In fact they are mostly sartorial details that only I see, but I still wanted to take care of every detail to make it similar to the original as possible!

For example, foot gaiters, accessory that in 2007 I was not able to complete.

I procured of foggia and Victorian ankle boots with knit Grey's and a lot of patience I created spats with buttons and side opening.

Even the Explorer helmet was slightly improved, with the addition of handwoven scarf.

To reproduce the scenes from the film, after a few clicks I removed the left ankle and I was with the naked foot for the rest of the set; I also have taken apart the glove on the tip of the ring finger of the right hand ... Yes, I'm sick, I know!!

But I wanted so much, and then these details have all been noticed by anyone who has seen the photos and by those who, like me, is a fan of the animated film, then it is worth it! ;)


The highlight of this version is definitely the Umbraculum, made from the same fabric of the dress is decorated with a lace to the edge ride and lots of Golden tassels.

In the end I used very little, but it was an accessory that I didn't want to totally give up and that I was really sorry not to be able to achieve in the previous version!

In Conclusion

Despite the fatigue (to climb in a forest in a thong (Dave) and heels (me) was not the easiest thing in the world), the heat (but this problem hit, of course, only me) and mosquitoes (bring the Autan was perfect, but we were still devoured), making this set was fun!!

Cosplayer: Falketta Cosplay

Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan
Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan
Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan
Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan
Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan

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