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January 22, 2015

Merida from Disney's Brave


Disney's Brave

Photographer: Sergey Niskodirov

When dreams become true...

You know, lot of us, persons, who practising cosplay, have one great problem, named choosing of our character. In one case you can play the character, but don't look similar to them. The other case is strictly reverse - you look pretty close to the character... But it's not your story. You can't play him normally.

And for me Merida - it's connection of two sides of medal. It's my character. It's my story... I'm not alone in my love - there is a lot of marvelous cosplays of Merida. And this is cool!

That all of us have found our own character.

Soon it'll be one more photoshoot, and now you can see photos from convent, which were done by Sergey Niskodirov.

Craft by me : )

Cosplayer: Fenyachan

Merida from Disney's Brave
Merida from Disney's Brave
Merida from Disney's Brave
Merida from Disney's Brave
Merida from Disney's Brave
Merida from Disney's Brave

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