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July 26, 2015

Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite


Bioshock: Infinite

Photographer: Yui Lang

Elizabeth was imprisoned in the tower from infancy, in the city that is called Columbia. She had lived there for 19 years, until she ran away with the help of Booker DeWitt. His main aim was to bring Elizabeth to New York. When she finds out about this, she tries to escape. But eventually, they both pass through many dangers. Elizabeth helps Booker, looking for supplies, money and ammunition. Besides that, Elizabeth has the power to manipulate Tears that exist in the fabric of time.

As a result of the revolution, the workers capture and killing local residents. Trying to save a life of a child, Elizabeth she had to kill the leader of the insurrection - Daisy Fitzroy. After that day, the girl’s life became totally different.

Cosplayer: Suiginto

Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite
Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite
Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite
Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite
Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite

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