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July 19, 2015

Tanooki from Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Bros.

Photographer: Fremen Atreides

I like to think that if anyone wears the Tanooki Suit for too long, they end up going feral and retreat to the woods to drink sake and play pranks on travelers. Then again, I'm weird and I like to overthink my videogames.

I made this cosplay based off a design by RetroTelephone, who redesigned the Tanooki Suit to make a cute dress for Peach. I loved it so much I just had to make it...plus, I've always wanted to make something cute and fuzzy.

For the hat I used masking tape and patterned from a hood on one of my jackets. The rectangle-shaped strip down the middle helps prevent the hood from getting bunched or pointy-looking. It's fully lined and there are four layers of polyester batting inside. This was hard for me to wear, considering I've never really cosplayed anything sweet and cutesy. I think I made BlizzardTerrak throw up a little. But it's very comfortable! And the petticoats are a lot of fun. :D

Cosplayer: Katsumiyo

Tanooki from Super Mario Bros.

Photographer: Kei Tsubasa Photography

Tanooki from Super Mario Bros.

Photographer: BlizzardTerrak

Tanooki from Super Mario Bros.

Photographer: Kei Tsubasa Photography

When I play through a Mario game, I'm always hoping there will be cake at the end. Sometimes there isn't, but there's always hope, right? Then again, I tend to hope there's always cake wherever I go so I don't see why Super Mario Bros. should be an exception.
Who brought cupcakes to the gathering? Whoever you are, I love you.

Tanooki from Super Mario Bros.

Photographer: Kei Tsubasa Photography

Tanooki from Super Mario Bros.

Photographer: Oscar Cwajbaum Photography

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