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September 4, 2015

Eirena the Enchantress from Diablo III

Eirena the Enchantress

Diablo III

Eirena grew up during the Mage Clan Wars. During her youth, Eirena and her sisters were the servants of a Vizjerei mage. She secretly read their masters spell books and taught her sisters, though the first spells they learned were nothing more than tricks. One time she miscast a charm spell and Sister Lysa was fawning over her for weeks. Ignorance and bliss ended however when she and her sisters learned that their master had begun to summon demons.

Upon learning this, the sisters waited until their master and more mages joined together in a ritual to summon a greater demon in reality. Knowing of the mages' evil, Eirena and her sisters used their magic to kill the mages before they could complete their ritual. However, they cursed them with their last breaths, and it seemed that they too would fall. But when Eirena awoke, she found the Prophet standing over her. Her life hung by a thread, but the Prophet used his powers to heal her and her sisters. He commended them on their deeds, and offered to train them further. They accepted, and at the age of thirteen, Eirena slew her first demon.

The group was called the Hand of the Prophet. However, the Prophet himself foresaw a great disaster that would occur fifteen hundred years in the future, and Eirena and her sisters pledged their lives to preventing the tragedy. The sisters’ pledges were far from mere words, and the Prophet placed the entire sisterhood in a magical slumber to preserve them until the appointed time where they would aid a hero.

Cosplayer: Zyunka Muhina

Eirena the Enchantress from Diablo III
Eirena the Enchantress from Diablo III
Eirena the Enchantress from Diablo III

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