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December 31, 2016

Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II

Iconic Female Hawke in her Finery

Dragon Age II

Photographer: Gianluca Bia

I’ve actually been done with Marian’s Estate robe for a while before finding a location fitting for a lady... Ahaha, no. To be honest, I just really wanted to recall the video game atmosphere finding something that could recall the Amell Estate in Kirkwall, even if only a little bit.

Her standard finery wasn’t even my favourite attire of hers to cosplay at first, but then I got more and more involved with the scenes which took place while she was wearing it, and I also ultimately discovered that’s some freaking comfy clothing to wear, compared to my average cosplay costume. I feel less Rogue than usual, but imaginig setting fitting for Mage and Warrior too might be fun as well! And I also thought that a Viscount crown would have totally fitted this kind of noble vest better than my Champion one and such.

I do thank Bioware for their amazing games and characters, and also Gianluca Bia, the outstanding photographer who took these pictures, and Monica Medves for having been so patient helping me out with stuff; the whole costume was made by me.

Cosplayer: DrosselTira

Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II

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