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March 17, 2016

Legion from Mass Effect


Mass Effect

Photographer: What A Big Camera

Convention: Sydney Oz Comic-Con 2015

Have made some major improvements to Legion!

New smaller head has really improved proportions. The face mask is 2 layers of anti-slip mat/mesh, these are attached together by elastic which slots through some cut slits and is glued into a loop; I then attached velcro to the elastic; the eva foam plates were glued to elastic loops as well. Painted on the black lines.

Replaced the iphone eye with a static eva foam version because the screen/effect was lost in day light.

New feet have wedge heel boots as a base for a height boost.

Overhauled the back armour, which included: trimming it to make it narrower, separating the 'butt' plate/section (which has elastic connecting from back to front under my crotch to make the plate sit snug, repositioning and shortening the harness straps and tubes to fit more closely to my body, heat-bending the 'spine' tubing into more of a curve (added eva foam pieces beneath to push out sections) and adding PVC pipe to push out that outer section (where the shorter larger tubing mounts).

Chest-side tubing is now connected with metal key-ring clips, same as the elbow tubing.

Secured the chest armour closer to my chest.

A major mistake I made earlier was gluing parts to the body suit. All of the tubing can actually be strategically secured by straps and connected to separate armour. For example the tubing which runs up from the back of my thigh along the side of my hip is now only partially glued on at the bottom, the other half is now secured by running through an elastic loop which is around the butt plate strap - I picked up this approach from another amazing Legion cosplayer, Dillon in N7 Elite.

Doubled the calves padding.

Re-painted the boots and gloves.

Recorded a brief video as well.

I've changed so much since the first time wearing this costume at PAX Aus in 2013. All that trial and error has been a great learning experience. :) It is still far from what I consider finished (still so much I can improve on) but I want/need to move on to new projects.

Cosplayer: DashyProps

Legion from Mass Effect

Photographer: Lark Visuals

Legion from Mass Effect
Legion from Mass Effect

Photographer: Trung Do Photography

Legion from Mass Effect

Tali: Milly & Chloe's Cosplay Closet

Photographer: SoulBound

Legion from Mass Effect

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Mass Effect 3
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