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November 10, 2016

Mara Sov from Destiny

Mara Sov


Photographer: Sketch Turner

Mara Sov is the queen of the Awoken in The Reef. She is regularly assisted by her brother, Uldren Sov, who acts as her confidant, enforcer, and adviser.

When the Fallen House of Wolves first attacked The Reef after the Queen interfered in their participation in the Battle of Twilight Gap, she defeated their then-current Kell. She offered the rest of the House a show of mercy and a home in the Reef, in exchange for their allegiance.

Later, she and her brother assisted a Guardian in finding and activating a "key" to enter the Vex's Black Garden. In return, she demanded that the Guardian come to her aid if requested.

Eventually, the House of Wolves rebelled against the Queen and left the Reef, killing some of her guards during their escape. The Queen offered the riches of her Reef as bounty for the traitors.

Cosplayer: Songbird

Mara Sov from Destiny

Photographer: KIRA

Mara Sov from Destiny

Photographer: Kirchos

Mara Sov from Destiny

Photographer: Jen Tate

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