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March 15, 2020

Rogue Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II

Rogue Marian Hawke (DLC pack)

Dragon Age II

Photographer: Angelica's Bear

Black Fox's Jerkin outfit has been a real challenge, and it did deserve more attention and sharing than the ones I was able to give just immediately after having debuted, due to hurtful personal reasons. Entirely handmade, it took me months and some personal sacrifice to be finished just before the con. I find this costume fits my Rogue Lady Marian Hawke perfectly, and it also would be the ultimate outfit for an Orlesian Ball for her... But that's another story!

I just love how Dragon Age is so immersed in lore than you can almost guess it from its character design.

This project would have never been possible without Tsunami-sand Art & Cosplay's craftsmanship, my belt buckles are made my her in fact.

Cosplayer: DrosselTira

Rogue Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Rogue Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Rogue Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II

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