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January 18, 2014

ED-209 & Robocop from Robocop

ED-209 & Robocop


Hi, I'm Silvia and I'm 20. I'm a Cosmaker and also a Cosplayer! This is my latest costume, ED-209. This pic come from my exibition for the Romics Cosplay Awards, Rome (Italy). Me (as ED-209) and my Bf AndreaStarchild (as Robocop). I worked for months with my boyfriend on both costumes, hope you like the results x) We performed on the stage with the scene when Robocop terminates Ed-209 and we won the "special award from the jury"! :) Enjoy the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-5jBfVUMic

SilviaArts as Ed-209, AndreaStarchild as Robocop

ED-209 & Robocop from Robocop

Photographer: Francesco Marinelli

ED-209 & Robocop from Robocop

Photographer: Telperion Photo

ED-209 & Robocop from Robocop

A detail of my Ed-209 (Rainy day..so, wet costume! xD). This pic come from my exibition for Lucca Comics And Games! (Italy).

ED-209 & Robocop from Robocop

Photographer: AV Photo


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