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June 30, 2015

Shadowcat from X-Men: Evolution


X-Men: Evolution

Photographer: Xochitl Ruiz

Hey! I’m a mexican cosplayer and commissioner who loves to portray any kind of characters, I’ve made a few comic book character cosplays.

I always loved X-men: Evolution series and its designs. I liked all the characters but from a long time ago I had my eyes set on Kitty. It was great to finally cosplay Shadowcat on 2013, I had a great time sporting it at a local ComicCon.

Then I wore it at Free Comic Book day past year, and even went to the Days of Future Past local premiere as Shadowcat, it was a great time with my friends!! I retired it past december but it will always have an special place in my heart. <3

Cosplayer: Darth Kaoru

Shadowcat from X-Men: Evolution

Photographer: Xochitl Ruiz

Shadowcat from X-Men: Evolution

Photographer: Xochitl Ruiz

Shadowcat from X-Men: Evolution

Photographer: Bill Nash

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