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June 14, 2015

Steampunk Marceline from Adventure Time

Steampunk Marceline

Adventure Time

Photographer: La Clover

I’ve loved Marceline since I first saw her. I decided to make her steampunk outfit when I had noticed it. It’s increddible!

I took about 1 year to make her. It’s not because it’s hard, but there have always been a lot of mistakes or troubles. But I told myself "never give up!" and tried again and again.

The most hard in making details are my boots. The period I was trying to do them, and it was REALLY exhausting to me, I was thinking about giving this cosplay up.

I love Marceline for her behavior. She’s sarcastic, egoistic, unauthorized person. She has a lot of unique features. She looks cool in any situation, any outfit, everything.

We provided a photoshoot at the end of March in Cross-studio in Moscow. It was a huge false-metal studio with cages, batteries and steampunk details.

Cosplayer: Catarina

Steampunk Marceline from Adventure Time
Steampunk Marceline from Adventure Time
Steampunk Marceline from Adventure Time
Steampunk Marceline from Adventure Time

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