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June 29, 2015

Ruby Rose from RWBY

Ruby Rose


Photographer: BluePotionPhotography

Ruby Rose (known as Red) from RWBY was love at first sight! One day I stumbled on her trailer on Tumblr and she is a red riding hood with a big scythe, which can also transform into a rifle - plus she’s dressed in red and black. Totally my style!

When I watched the RWBY series later I also liked her character and so I definitely had to cosplay her!

The cosplay itself looked easy, but it has some tricky parts. Especially the weapon wasn’t easy, but due to time problems I had to rush it. The cosplay includes many things I like: the colors, working with fake leather, a long cape (I love that cape!), crosses, bullets etc.

I also was part of a group and I’m happy we were a complete TEAM RWBY group. My lovely Team Members:

Weiss Schnee: Calssara
Blake Belladonne: Black from Butterfly Dreams
Yang Xiaolong: Lumis Mirage

Ruby Rose turned out to be one of my favorite cosplays and I had so much fun wearing it!

Cosplayer: Zhenya

Ruby Rose from RWBY

Photographer: N8e

Ruby Rose from RWBY

Photographer: Franky

Ruby Rose from RWBY

Photographer: ANK

Ruby Rose from RWBY

Photographer: Franky

Weiss Schnee from RWBYWeiss Schnee
Alice Liddell (Silk Maiden) from Alice: Madness ReturnsAlice Liddell (Silk Maiden)
Alice: Madness Returns
Pyrrha Nikos from RWBYPyrrha Nikos
Yang Xiao Long from RWBYYang Xiao Long

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