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October 18, 2015

Buki from Sudeki



Photographer: Nekrasova Toguchi

Buki is a warrior of the Shadani-Mo tribe, and is a highly skilled huntress and fighter. She is somewhat distant, "old-fashioned," and wise for her young age. She is also the light counterpart of Nico, and is the descendent of Mo, the Great Cat.

In combat, Buki wields wrist mounted blades, or "claws." She is the jack of all trades in the group. Through many years of physical training from Malik and the mental training and knowledge from Carrick, Buki has become an accomplished warrior. Her inhuman reflexes and mastery of martial arts make her all but unstoppable in combat.

Cosplayer: Djezzi-Li

Buki from Sudeki
Buki from Sudeki

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