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April 15, 2014

Tsukiumi from Sekirei



Photographer: Kuragiman

I think this is probably my favorite picture from this shoot <3 I absolutely LOVE it! Photo taken at AnimeFEST 2012 by Kuragiman.

When I first watched Sekirei I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with Tsukiumi, and immediately added her to my list. I loved her so much I decided I just had to make her, and couldn't wait. It's super comfy and a costume that's really easy to get into, I love it and may never retire it!

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Tsukiumi is Minato's fourth Sekirei. She first appears to Minato in a dream saying that she would kill him. When they finally met, she was persuaded to become his Sekirei. She refers to herself as Minato's 'legal wife' and is very possessive of him. Tsukiumi had a one-sided rivalry with Homura. She was apparently defeated by Homura on their very first confrontation, and Tsukiumi has been looking forward to settle the score ever since.

Tsukiumi is a Sekirei with a tsundere personality and the most aggressive of Minato's party and has a very short temper; she rarely smiles. She was introduced as the first Sekirei that wanted to become the strongest without the help of an Ashikabi. Tsukiumi has the ability to control and manipulate water and is capable of generating it directly from her person.

Cosplayer: SinnocentCosplay

Tsukiumi from Sekirei
Tsukiumi from Sekirei
Tsukiumi from Sekirei

I was actually standing on a small piece of granite about 30 feet up to get this picture... ah the things I do for cosplay XD... but I thought it went with the show, cuz if anyone has seen this show, you know they're always jumping around on top of roofs and lamp posts and stuff like that, so yeah =P

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