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August 14, 2014

Little Sister from Bioshock

Little Sister


Gamer, crafter, cosplayer, Amiko :D I'm from Russia. I love to do cosplay and play video games ^_^' Cosplay and craft made by me.

Little Sisters are young girls who have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from the corpses around Rapture. Little Sisters are almost always accompanied by a Big Daddy. They generally are immune to damage, outside of being "harvested", and have no offensive abilities. Attacking them, however, will incur the wrath of their Big Daddy protectors.

Cosplayer: Amiko

Little Sister from Bioshock
Little Sister from Bioshock
Little Sister from Bioshock
Little Sister from Bioshock
Little Sister from Bioshock

Mr. Bubbles / Big Daddy from BioshockMr. Bubbles
Big Daddy
Gaige from Borderlands 2Gaige
Borderlands 2
Big Sister from Bioshock 2Big Sister
Bioshock 2
Elizabeth from BioShock InfiniteElizabeth
BioShock Infinite

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