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December 14, 2014

Lum from Uretsei Yatsura


Uretsei Yatsura

Photographer: Giancarlo Bigolin

Lum is royalty and the daughter of the Oni alien Invader. She grew up on her homeworld Oniboshi a precocious girl and attended primary school with Benten of the Oni's rivals, the Lucky Gods, Oyuki, the ice princess, and Ran. There the four of them developed a reputation for causing massive amounts of trouble. Lum later got engaged to a handsome Oni named Rei, but rejected him because of his dullness. When she was seventeen, the Oni attempted to invade the planet Earth, an event that would change her life forever.

That day, Lum met Ataru Moroboshi for the first time. He had been randomly selected by computer to face her in a game of tag with the fate of the earth on the line. Ataru had been promised marriage by his then-girlfriend Shinobu if he could win, which spurred him to success, but upon catching Lum he declared "Now I can get married!" Lum misinterpreted this as a proposal to herself and accepted it. Because engagements are sacred on her planet, she is determined to be married to Ataru for the rest of her life.

Cosplayer: Goldnessyami

Lum from Uretsei Yatsura
Lum from Uretsei Yatsura
Lum from Uretsei Yatsura
Lum from Uretsei Yatsura
Lum from Uretsei Yatsura
Lum from Uretsei Yatsura
Lum from Uretsei Yatsura

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