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November 1, 2015

Morrigan from Dragon Age


Dragon Age

Photographer: Anton Timofeev

Morrigan is my favorite female character, so when I saw this amazing costume, I instantly decided to make it. Actually this is not official, but à fan made mod, compilation of Morrigan’s appearance and style and her mother’s, Flemeth, armor from Dragon Age 2.

This was my first "serious" costume and armor set and it was rly hard to make. But with the help of my close friend I was able to handle it and now feel happy with the whole work.

We took this photos in an old sand career that resembles wounded coast from DA2.

Cosplayer: Senedy

Morrigan from Dragon Age
Morrigan from Dragon Age
Morrigan from Dragon Age
Morrigan from Dragon Age

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Dragon Age II
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Dragon Age II
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