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September 23, 2015

Echidna from Queen's Blade


Queen's Blade


Echidna / Queen's Blade 2009, during Japan expo in Paris.

Echidna is my favourite character from QB. She is a dark elf with a great experience in fighting and life. She is a true solitary woman and she is kind even if she seems tendencious. I adore her personnality and design because I am a great fan of F.S ( yes !)

I spend 2 months on Echidna, it was not really easy to do because I needed a good adaptation in order to don't hurt people in conv. I elaborate a kind of shorty with the respect of top design with the fluff and reliefs in silver. The snakes are made in foam, covered with scale fabric, painted in many green glossy. The weapon is made with wood base, fimo paste for the little balls, the rest of sword is in foam and the scales are made in plastic bottle.

The pauldrons look like turtles xD They are made of foam, cut into pieces and assembled with a lot of patience. The painting was very funny to do because green nuances are interesting to elaborate :)

The sewing part was not so easy, I put translucent fabric on the sides on top part. A translucent part in front of the same top for a good fixation of breasts.

The shield is made in foam around a wood circle. It was the most difficult prop I made :_: On each snake head I put pearls for the eyes, the painting was hard and all the details on the face were hard as hell.

I really wanted to do honor to this character!

Cosplayer: Shoko-Cosplay

Echidna from Queen's Blade
Echidna from Queen's Blade
Echidna from Queen's Blade
Echidna from Queen's Blade

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