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September 6, 2015

Kotori Monou from X/1999

Kotori Monou


Photographer: Stark

I made the wings all by myself (that was a thing!) and the dress design is also by me)

Kotori Monou (桃生 小鳥 Monou Kotori) is Fūma's younger sister, a delicate child with a congenital heart condition, and a developing dreamseer. She is also able to communicate with plants and animals. Like her brother, she was Kamui's very close childhood friend, and despite his initial coldness when he returns to her life, remains steadfastly kind to him. Her dream is to become an indigo dyesmith (in the style of Japan's Edo period), well aware of the commitment necessary, and she spends time in her school's library reading up on the subject.

She remembers with horror the day her mother died as she gave birth to the first sacred sword; when she sees the same thing happen to Tokiko Magami, she loses her mind, able to communicate rationally only in the dreamscape.

Cosplayer: MaltexBaby

Kotori Monou from X/1999
Kotori Monou from X/1999

Kamui cosplayed by 23619

Kotori Monou from X/1999
Kotori Monou from X/1999
Kotori Monou from X/1999

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