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March 13, 2016

Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II

Marian Hawke (Rogue Mantle of the Champion)

Dragon Age II

Photographer: M&M PhotoGraphic

"Don’t worry: helping people and killing people are what I’m best at."

Being able to pull off a cosplay from one of my most favourite videogames ever has really been a great satisfaction to me: she’s been my alias throughout my Dragon Age II playthrough, I knew I had to tribute her even before ending the game- and I regret nothing! I did my best to recall not only her appearence, but her attitude too- the attitude I also chose in the game for her to keep.

Surely choosing the Rogue class intead of the canonical Mage one has been a challenge, but when I was finally able to see some result I realized it was worth it. I’ve done it all by myself, except for my blades, which I just painted; the whole process took me a few months.

Still, have have to thanks my many friends who encouraged me, and included me in their Dragon Age group; and obviously, M&M PhotoGraphic, who made the actual photosession possible!

Cosplayer: DrosselTira

Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II
Marian Hawke from Dragon Age II

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