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April 22, 2017

Astaroshe Asran from Trinity Blood

Astaroshe Asran

Trinity Blood

Photographer: Kei

Astharoshe "Astha" Asran, Viscountess of Odessa and Duchess of Kiev, is an undercover agent for the New Human Empire. She is a direct, no-nonsense individual who has a very low opinion of Terrans, referring to them as barbaric and stupid, among other things. Her opinion of humans, however, seems to have primarily been formed through Empire propaganda combined with having little exposure to or understanding of humans. Asthe takes being called a "vampire" as an insulting slur, and only refers to herself as a Methuselah.

Astha fights with a weapon called the Spear of Gae Bolg. The most powerful close-combat weapon found among the Lost Technology relics, the spear uses ionized xenon gas to create a high-density, high-temperature plasma blade capable of cutting through anything.

Cosplayer: Le-Atlass

Astaroshe Asran from Trinity Blood
Astaroshe Asran from Trinity Blood
Astaroshe Asran from Trinity Blood

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