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July 28, 2017

Chell from Portal 2


Portal 2

Chell is performing tests for Aperture Science, which are being overviewed by GLaDOS, an artificially intelligent computer system. Chell destroys GLaDOS in her efforts to escape but is wounded, and an unseen figure called the Party Escort Bot drags her back inside.

Chell is reawakened by Wheatley. She and Wheatley attempt to escape the laboratory, and in the process accidentally reanimate GLaDOS. GLaDOS, furious with Chell for having "murdered" her, forces her to do more tests until Wheatley helps her escape. Chell and Wheatley team up to destroy GLaDOS's neurotoxin and turret production.

GLaDOS claims that in Chell's file it states that she is adopted. A long-abandoned science fair poster that was part of "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" — the same day GLaDOS became rampant — is attributed to "Chell", implying that at least one of her parents worked for Aperture Science.

Cosplayer: Nerdbutpro

Chell from Portal 2
Chell from Portal 2
Chell from Portal 2
Chell from Portal 2

GLaDOS from Portal 2GLaDOS
Portal 2
Elizabeth from BioShock: InfiniteElizabeth
BioShock: Infinite
Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 3Commander Shepard
Mass Effect 3
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